Royalty Free Stock School Clipart by Alex Bannykh

  1. Friendly Bear Cub Student Wearing a Colorful Hat, Waving and Carrying a Green Library or Text Book
  2. Friendly Brown Bear Cub Student Wearing a Green and Yellow Hat, Carrying a Pink and Purple School Book and Waving on His Way to School
  3. Happy Elementary Boy and Girl Standing with a Yellow Book Character
  4. Happy Boy and Girl Holding Bouquets of Flowers, Standing with Presents and Bags
  5. Happy Twin Brother and Sister Reading a Yellow Book Together
  6. Little Twin Boy and Girl Walking Home from School with Flowers
  7. Twin Boy and Girl Holding Their Bags and Presenting Their School Building
  8. Brunette Girl Reading a Book out Loud to Her Friends
  9. Boy Sitting at a Playing Teacher While Other Children Admire an a on a Report Card
  10. Trio of Friends - a Girl Walking with Two Boys on the Way to School
  11. Twin Sister and Brother Sitting on the Ground and Reading a Book Together
  12. Blond School Girl Conducting a Science Experiment in a Lab
  13. Twin Little Boy and Girl Holding up Books While Reading
  14. Confused School Boy Surrounded by Shapes, Rulers, Pencils and Text Books
  15. Surprised School Girl Conducting a Chemistry Experiment While Her Chemicals Explode
  16. Group of School Children Conducting Science Experiments in the Classroom
  17. Caucasian Female Math Teacher Teaching School Students Geometry and Algebra
  18. Stern Chemistry Teacher Staring at a Confused School Boy in a Science Lab
  19. Smart School Girl Surrounded by Math Signs
  20. Teacher Woman Discussing the Solar System and Spectrum with Children
  21. School Girl Using a PC in a School Computer Lab
  22. School Boy Sitting on a Slanted Triangle, Doing His Mathematics Homework
  23. Happy Young School Boy Surrounded by His School Stuff
  24. School Boy with a Camera Watching a Snake Charmer Play
  25. Two Little School Boys and a Girl Hugging
  26. Group of Children Touring London Together, Admiring Big Ben
  27. Intelligent School Boy Writing a Long Story at a Desk
  28. Patriotic School Boy Running down Wall Street with a Flag
  29. Class of School Children Signing a Photo Album
  30. Boy Floating in Outer Space As an Astronaut, Dreaming
  31. Female Math Teacher and Students with a Calculator and Numbers on White
  32. Little Boy Creating an Explosion During a Science Experiment in Class
  33. Boy Standing in Front of a Circle and Girl Listening to a Radio and Reading
  34. Happy School Boy Standing Outside a Yellow Schoolhouse
  35. School Girl Trying to Figure out a Math Equation
  36. Paper Plane Flying past a School Girl in a Classroom As She Looks out a Window at an Orange Cat
  37. Boy and Girl Twins in Uniforms, Sitting with Flowers and Books and Smiling at Each Other
  38. Female School Teacher Teaching Students the Alphabet in the Classroom
  39. School Boy Riding down a Red Line of Arrows, Tossing Books and Pens Behind Him
  40. Male Teacher or Principal Supervising School Boys and Girls in a Science Lab
  41. School Boy in His Uniform, Standing and Holding a Book up
  42. Thinking Caucasian School Boy Doing His Homework
  43. Happy Male and Female Students Sitting in Class
  44. Cheerful and Excited School Boy Using a Computer
  45. Boy and Girl Sharing a Red Book Together
  46. Curious Cat Watching a Boy Reading Tons of Books
  47. Confused White Boy Doing His Homework, Surrounded by Clutter
  48. School Word Made of Supplies and Students on White