Royalty Free Stock School Clipart by Djart

  1. Confused Dad Trying to Help His Son with Homework
  2. Cafeteria Lunch Lady Preparing Plates of Food for School Children Waiting in Line
  3. Teenage Boy Sitting on a Brown Living Room Chair While Reading a Book
  4. Male Teacher Standing over Two Students Taking a Test in a Classroom
  5. Group of School Children and a Small Dog Crossing a Street
  6. Elderly Female Teacher and Male Student Standing in Front of a Blank Chalkboard in a Classroom
  7. Female Computer Teacher Sitting at Her Desk, Surrounded by School Kids in a Classroom
  8. Crosswalk Crossing Guard Man Holding a Stop Sign, Directing School Children and a Dog to Cross the Street
  9. Female School Nurse Putting a Bandage on a School Boy's Owies
  10. Bus Driver Man Driving a Yellow School Bus Full of Elementary School Students
  11. Elementary School Children Waiting for a School Bus Driver to Signal for Them to Cross a Street
  12. Hearing Impaired Teacher Teaching Sign Language to a Student
  13. Graduating Smiling Female Wearing Cap and Gown
  14. Two School Bullies Picking a Fight, Holding a Bat and Shaking a Fist
  15. Female Elementary School Teacher and Male Student Looking at Each Other and Smiling
  16. Teacher and Young Students in Classroom
  17. Grade School Male Teacher Explaining to Students in Front of a Chalkboard
  18. Female Math Teacher Watching Student Write a Math Problem on a Chalkboard
  19. African American Sunday School Teacher Teaching Students About the Savior, Jesus Christ
  20. Female Elementary School Teacher Teaching Students in a Classroom on a Blackboard
  21. Doctor Teaching CPR to His New Hospital Employees
  22. Fat School Boy Holding His Report Card
  23. Brother and Sister with a Book and a Backpack on Their Way to Elementary School
  24. Nervous School Boy Seated at His Desk, Trying to Think of the Right Answers for His Exam
  25. Caucasian Woman Checking Behind Her Car to Find Two Children
  26. Man Setting out Cones near Kids on White
  27. Pair of Children Watching a Man Set out Construction Cones
  28. Black and White Elephant Student Writing at a Desk
  29. Black and White Jumping Graduate Dog with a Diploma